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Story of Neon Legacy
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Story: The Earth is home to many creature and plants. Human are the smartest thing on the earth. The humans split the earth to two sections. Inner and the outer section is where people are settled. The Inner section is where the king and high honorable warrior stays. Outer Section are where the out cast and wanted criminals roam the place. In the outer sector there lived a gang call the seeker and their enemy Magnetic. Those two gangs dukes it out everyday for little thing like grass. To end the war between the gangs they sent away Magnetic to the final sector called the forbidden Gates. There last word was we will destroy you all! 50 years later of waiting, they started attack out sector by a sneak attack on the guards in the middle of the night. They didnā€™t see them coming but guards fight them back and they sent they way. The magnetic went back to there base to hear the boss plan. The leader of the magnetic is Endor and set out to destroy the inner and outer sectors. Endor said I know a perfect way to access sector and this how we are got to do it. What is Endor is planning something big what is it?

Don't steal this sotry/plot.

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